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Walking (and Tasting) Chinatown With ABC 7’s Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky

Last Updated August 30, 2017

Recently, we were lucky enough to have one of Chicago’s foodiest celebrities join us on one of Chicago Food Planet’s food tasting and cultural walking tours.

You may know him better from a summer restaurant-scene scandal where he was booted from Graham Elliot’s g.e.b. in the West Loop after having live tweeted a less-than-pleasant experience at Charlie Trotter’s restaurant the previous the year. (Read more here…it’s a drama-filled doozy but one of the things we love most about our food scene!)

But we’ve got no issue with his live tweets, good or bad, and happily let the Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky, out for a walk without his leash through Chinatown. He even brought a camera crew!

Chicago’s ABC 7 recently featured Dolinsky’s jaunt with us during his “Friday Night Special” segment. Watch the video here:

The tour begins with a Dim Sum sampling at Triple Crown on Wentworth Avenue and wraps up at the Saint Anna Bakery in Chinatown Square Plaza on Archer Avenue, a three-hour tour with so many delicious food tastings, Dolinsky said you absolutely have to walk it off.

And walk it off we did, despite rainy conditions throughout the tour.

Dolinsky chatted with one tour participant, Stan, who came in all the way from Valparaiso, Ind., just to explore the food and culture of Chinatown. He loved learning about the differences among the many regions of China — and being able to taste the variations in flavors and textures as he visited each restaurant.

One of our expert tour guides, Lisa Kahn, was the fearless leader of this televised tour and kept everyone in high spirits despite the gray skies…and she looked great on camera while she was doing it!


Missed out on the Chinatown Adventure this season? Join us when you can!


Thanks to Steve Dolinsky and ABC 7 for a great, informative feature on our tours!

We love showcasing the delicious food, robust history and unique culture Chicago has to offer.

We believe food is the universal language that unites people. Our experiences are curated to connect you to the greatest food city in the world and the people within it.

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