Chinatown: Additional Restaurants

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot: 2342 S. Wentworth Ave.

If you haven’t tried Hot Pot, this is a MUST DO. You get to choose your ingredients and cook them in delicious broth right at your table. You can choose between two types of broth: The original ($3.50 per person) features an aromatic assortment of scallions, garlic, ginseng, black cardamom pods, jujubes (Chinese red dates) and goji berries. A spicy version (also $3.50) adds chili oil and peppercorns to those ingredients, for a more intense experience.

We recommend the spicy broth as it has a bit more flavor but isn’t too hot! Each ingredient you choose has it’s own cost. Word to the wise: start out small as for example one order of beef could feed a few people. Try one meat, one vegetable per person and one noodle for the group and expand from there as your hunger levels adjust!

Cai: 2100 S Archer Ave

Our favorite place to go for the authentic Peking Duck. Once the duck is cooked, there are three courses to a traditional Peking duck dinner: the skin, duck meat wrapped in pancakes, and duck soup. This full meal can take hours, enjoy it!

No. 18 Karaoke: 2201 S Wentworth Ave #2FL

When in Chinatown one must end their night with Karaoke, and No. 18 Karaoke is the place to be!  You won’t have to travel far as it is right next to Triple Crowne at the entry of the Chinatown Gate.  All you have to do for some singing shenanigans is reserve a room and get the drinks flowing for that liquid courage!


Savor Chinatown with a full immersion into the culinary & ethnic pageantry at five authentic, mouthwatering sit-down restaurants [Seasonal]

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$75 Adult | $90 Adult VIP | $40 Youth
Tour Distance1.3 Miles

Explore historic Mom & Pop specialty food shops and indulge in classic Chicago tastes in Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods [Seasonal]

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$60 Adult | $72 Adult VIP | $35 Youth
Tour Distance1.3 Miles
NeighborhoodsGold Coast & Old Town
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