Chiu Quon
~ 1986 ~

Famous For: It’s authentic baked goods and being the longest running bakery in Chicago’s Chinatown.

Founded By: Owner, Pui Chiu, came from Hong Kong in the late-1970’s and established this great bakery.

Fun Foodie Facts: 

  • The traditional baked goods featured here are made from ancient recipes, which feature a much subtler sweetness than modern American pastries and instead emphasize textural contrast.
  • The lotus root is cream-colored and when you slice it, you get thin honeycomb-patterned disks that can be added to soups, salads or stir-fries
  • On the Autumnal Equinox in 1368, the Chinese were able to overthrow the Mongols and were able to do so using moon cakes as a weapon of sorts!
  • Fortune cookies are a North American invention, not Chinese. 


Our Recos:

  • Come in and try their dim sum, it’s some of the cheapest in Chinatown and quite tasty.

Savor Chinatown with a full immersion into the culinary & ethnic pageantry at five authentic, mouthwatering sit-down restaurants

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$80 Adult | $50 Youth
Tour Distance1.3 Miles

Discover Chicago’s hottest foodie neighborhood as you nosh on cuisine from the master chefs that started a dining revolution.

Tour Length3 Hours
Cost$65 Adult | $50 Youth
Tour Distance0.6 Miles
NeighborhoodsWest Loop
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