Lao Sze Chuan
~ 1998 ~

Famous For: Serving authentic Szechuan specialties alongside traditional Chinese dishes.

Founded By: Tony Hu, celebrity chef who graduated from The Culinary Institute of Sichuan, the first culinary institute in China.

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • Tony (Xiao Jun) Hu is a celebrity chef, restaurateur, culinary teacher and mentor, and a community leader. In the past he has been known in the culinary world as Chicago’s “Mayor of Chinatown.”
  • “Lao” symbolizes old, traditional and authentic, and “Sze Chuan” is derived from the province from which Hu himself and the cuisine itself originates.
  • The Szechuan province is a landlocked region known traditionally to use a lot of methods such as salting and smoking to preserve their food.


Our Recos:

Try the Ma Po Tofu for a spicy dish outside your normal comfort zone.

Savor Chinatown with a full immersion into the culinary & ethnic pageantry at five authentic, mouthwatering sit-down restaurants

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$80 Adult | $50 Adolescent | Free Child (6 & Under)
Tour Distance1.3 Miles

Sunday Funday never tasted so good! Hop on this fast-paced tour as we brunch our way around Wrigleyville!

Tour Length3 Hours
Cost$85 Adult With Alcohol | $65 Adult (no alcohol) | $50 Adolescent | Free Child (6 & Under)
Tour Distance0.8 Miles
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