Saint Anna's Bakery

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Fun Foodie Facts:

  • Chinese bakeries have embraced European influence. In Saint Anna’s you can see French influence in the pastries, because the French occupied portions of China from 1849-1946.
  • Hong Kong Milk Tea is black tea combined with powdered milk and sugar in the distinctive style favored by the British.

Our Recos:

Saint Anna’s is cash only so be prepared. They offer a great selection of baked buns from sweet to savory. You can come here for breakfast and get some of the breakfast items with a baked bun AND a hot drink, all for under $6!


Savor Chinatown with a full immersion into the culinary & ethnic pageantry at five authentic, mouthwatering sit-down restaurants

Tour Length3 hours
Cost$80 Adult | $50 Youth
Tour Distance1.3 Miles

Discover Chicago’s hottest foodie neighborhood as you nosh on cuisine from the master chefs that started a dining revolution.

Tour Length3 Hours
Cost$65 Adult | $50 Youth
Tour Distance0.6 Miles
NeighborhoodsWest Loop
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