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Famous for: a style of pizza called Al Taglio, which means “pizza by the cut”. They use scissors to cut their pizza. Trendy.

Intended to be a casual quick bite, rather than a sit-down experience.

Owned by: esteemed pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci. He’s from Rome and is famous over there too!

The Michaelangelo of Pizza

Fun foodie facts:

  • Their dough is made with their signature heirloom wheat flour. It takes 72 hours to create – patience is a virtue you know.
  • The pizzas are made in special ovens that have been shipped over from Rome. Super autentico!
  • Gabriele has created over 1,500 pizza recipes of exceptional quality and highly creative which is why he’s nicknamed “The Michaelangelo of Pizza”.

Our Recos:

Try the Arrabbiata, a spicy but simple pizza that looks deceptively plain but is bursting with fresh flavor. This is a great place to step out of your comfort zone as you pay per weight. Expand and test your palate with unique pizzas such as rosemary potato, spicy eggplant, grilled salmon or even octopus!

P.S. At the end of April they will be opening another location in Wicker Park located at 1566 N Damen Ave. They are to offer breakfast pizza at this location!

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161 N Sangamon St
Chicago, IL 60607, USA

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