Cemitas Puebla

Famous for: producing traditional Poblano foods, specifically Cemitas.

Founded by: Tony Anteliz’s family in Puebla, Mexico.

The Spirit of Puebla

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • Cemitas are a specific type of torta (sandwich) served on a sesame roll that can be traced back to Puebla, Mexico.
  • Cemitas was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Tony actually shared his Salsa Verde recipe with the public! Get it here after your experience.
  • The world Poblano, as in poblano pepper, indicates it’s from
    the Puebla region.

Our Recos:

If you like the cemita, come back and try the  taco arabe (spit-roasted pork and onions topped with chipotle sauce nestled in a flour tortilla). Puebla actually has a significant sized Middle Eastern population – some of that influence comes across in dishes like the taco arabe.

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