America's Dog & Burger
~ 1996 ~

Famous For: Featuring 9 city dogs and 6 burgers that are made the way you’d find them in that city.

Founded By: Brothers, Manolis and George Alpogianis

America's Passion

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • There are 7 key ingredients go on top of a Chicago-style hot dog.
  • The first America’s Dog & Burger location was opened right here at Navy Pier.
  • Many of the locations have pictures that line the walls that are from road trips the Alpogianis family has taken over the years — road trips that really started the America’s Dog business.
  • Restaurant business is in their family blood. One of the Alpogianis brother’s grandfathers owned the famous Palace Grill where Chicago Blackhawks players and fans have dined throughout the years.
  • “Hot dogs to Chicago is what the pizza slice is to New York,” Manolis said. “You don’t mess with a classic; you keep it to its true form. We keep the Chicago hot dog original.” said Manolis Alpogianis

Our Recos:

Check out the menu to see if your city dog is featured!

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