~ 1974 ~

Famous For: Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

Founded By: Mama Giordano created the recipe in Italy. Efren and Joseph Boglio (of the Giordano family) moved to Chicago to start a pizza business using this beloved family recipe.

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • The pizza got so popular that Efren and Joseph had to take the phone off the hook.  
  • It typically takes 6 different craftsmen to make a Giordano’s pizza.
  • It’s a 10-step process and butter is heavily involved in several.
  • They’re famous for cheese pulls – where the server pulls the first slice as far as it can stretch without breaking off – they’ve gotten pulls up to 4 feet long.



Chicago comedian Pat McGann and the Windy City’s leading pizza, Giordano’s, team up to respond to the Chicago vs. New York pizza debate from Jon Stewart.

Our Recos: 

Dessert fan? Check out their oversized skillet cookie. It’s like a dessert pizza. #Winning

Take a stab at making the pizza yourself! Learn how to make the Giordano’s Chicago Style Pizza with their awesome blog post here.

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